If you are blogging or thinking about blogging, then you must read this article. Let's start.

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1. Learn Blogging - The most important step to success in blogging is to understand that you are blogging to follow our passion or blogging to earn money by looking at a bigger blogger.

If you are blogging by looking at a large blogger who makes a lot of money by blogging, you can never succeed in blogging. Because at that time you are blogging forcibly.

But if you are blogging to follow your passion, then you must first learn the basics of blogging. Understand all the basics of blogging and create your own blog and follow your passion to work, you will definitely get success in blogging.

2. Focus on goals - After this, select your goal for blogging. Brother, one thing you know if you have to make money from blogging, you have to clean your mindset.

Select your goal according to your knowledge. Select your goal, which you have full knowledge. Then create your blog on the same topic and do it to meet your goal. By doing this you will better understand your readers and you will definitely get success in blogging.

3. Paid Some Money - For blogging, you have to pay some money. If you are thinking that I can be successful only for free hosting and domain as well as blogging, then you can forget it.

You can use blog hosting for free, but you have to take your own domain separately and only connect to your blog hosting.

If you have money, you can take good blog templates and host separately, and if not, you can at least buy your domain and then blogging on your blog. If you want to succeed in blogging, at least this will have to do.

4. Daily Attendance - If you want to make a career in blogging, you have to give time. Always make some changes to your blog and keep publishing a post in a week.

Most people do not have to make some changes in their old articles, due to which the rankings of their articles fall down. But you do not have to make such a mistake. You must always keep both new and old articles fresh.

By doing this, your keywords are ranked fast in Google, and if your keywords are already ranked in Google, they are always ranked.

5. Understand Audience - Before writing articles in the blog, understand what type of person and people of your age will be able to read your blog post. If you keep writing articles on any topic without thinking, you do not get Target traffic.

Always create your own blog on the same topic, which you can understand the subject. Do not write articles on any topic in extravagant if you follow your passion and write your own post, you are successful in blogging quickly.

6. Post Time - Do not publish your articles in the blog without any timetables. Create a timetable to post to your blog and publish your post accordingly.

You can also create a timetable for posting daily on your blog, even after publishing a post in one week, and in a month, you can create a timetable for publishing your post. Are there.

So if you want to succeed in blogging, then create a time table to publish your post.

7. Publish content of quality only - Many people think that the more words I will write, soon they will rank in Google and the lesser the words I will write, the longer they rank in Google. This is almost certainly false.

You do not have to write very large articles and not very little. You have to write an article to rank your blog, whose content is very good. Your article should be powerful and the article you write should be liked by your readers. Do not write extra large articles.

8. Seo - The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Understanding without it is no benefit for your blogging. To be successful in blogging, it is very important that you know about on-page SEO and off-page SEO in your blog. You can learn about SEO's blog from YouTube and the Internet.

9. Honesty - You must know that honesty is the best policy. So do not think of any kind of shortcuts to make a career in blogging. If you want to earn money from blogging then blogging honestly.

Do not adopt any wrong way to earn money from blogs. This will only harm you and your time will be wasted. So, if you want to succeed in blogging, make your passion for blogging and work honestly.

10. Make Practice is Perfect- Keep trying to make yourself and your blog good every day. Never do that, if you have a blog rank, then you will not have to think further. Always keep moving ahead in blogging.

Do not stay confined to any topic in the blog. Keep doing something new. Because the public always wants something new. So if you want to make a career in blogging forever, keep improving yourself first.

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you should know about this top 10 successful blogging rules.

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