World Post Day 2018:-One day to celebrate world postal systems
World Post Day 2018:-One day to celebrate world postal systems

 About World Post Day

Universal Postal Union was founded in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland and its anniversary is celebrated every year on October 9. The anniversary of the Universal Postal Union was declared as World Post Day by the Universal Postal Union Congress in Tokyo, Japan in 1969.

About 150 countries participate in celebrating World Post Day every year. Some countries promote their new postal services or products on this special day and reward their employees for good services. Most countries organize philatelic exhibitions and issue new tickets. Displaying posters on World Post Day in workshops, including post offices, public places, conferences, seminars and cultural, sports, recreational activities are other activities. Speaking by the high-rank officers on this day about the history and achievements of postal services is given.
In the 1600s and 1700s, postal services have improved greatly because many countries have developed national postal systems to start postal services between countries. By making high-level access to digital communication, the postal service plays a big role in human's daily life.

World Post Day 2018

World Post Day 2018 will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 9th.

Celebrating World Post Day

> World Post Day is aimed at raising awareness about the role of the postal sector for people and businesses.

> People are celebrated to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the countries.

> It is celebrated for encouraging people to take various activities to create greater awareness among the people and the media about their role and activities at the national level.
World Post Day receives all the facilities for people to move many important and essential things to complete every task.

There are many postal officers who provide postal services very well. To facilitate people to work in the long service, people are given postal services by the government to provide relief to the people.

It is very important for any postal service to move all the essential things of the people safely to their desired location. Therefore there is hard work as well as important functions to handle and manage activities in a better way of transferring the necessary things safely to the people in the postal services.

There are many countries that are used to do these types of postal services so that people can get all kinds of facilities and services. There are countries like India, America, South Africa, London, Paris etc. who use postal services to give people every service. Many people are used to transferring many different types of values as well as non-valuable items such as money, gold, silver, jewelry, clothes, rakhi and other things which are important to the people.

Therefore, postal services take a lot of money from those people who want to move many important things to different places.

Postal services are used to make very important activities for everyone to get relief from many major activities.

In many countries, people have different fees for postal services. Each country has different charges in each region.

There are several types of fees charged on every type of goods, which a person has to pay to transfer his belongings to many places.

It is very difficult to transfer all the important and necessary materials for the postal people to the destination.

The use of World Post Day is celebrated for people to develop many postal services for social and economic development.

The Government is trying to make all possible ideas to focus on all postal development to increase people's many unknown facilities. The government is trying to develop every type of postal services by which every person in every state and cities can get the services of postal services.

It is very important for everyone to get a positive attitude towards every postal service to get every possible service and service.

The Postal Service officer works for several hours to provide all services and facilities to all the people for the welfare and improvement of the people. It is very important for all the people to maintain all possible work to complete this.

Therefore, the government should come forward to improve the best ideas for better facilitation by managing and handling all the activities better.

Themes of world post day

World Post Day allows people to develop their vision towards making a proper connection with postal services to provide many services to people.

It makes a proper connection with every thought to focus on many ideas. It is very important to encourage people to go for postal services.

The postal service is safe from any other facility because it transfers all the things with a lot of care. So there are many themes of World Post Day which encourage everybody to think and contribute to each postal service and themes follow: -

The theme for "World Post Day" was "Innovation, Integration, and Inclusion" in 2015
  1. In 2015, the subject of the World Post Day "should be bigger to tell you about the world".
  2. The theme of the World Post Day in 2014 "All posts in the changing communication landscape claim their area".
  3. In the year 2013, the topic of "World Post Day" was to "trade and give people the post".
  4. For the World Post Day in 2012, the theme "An Athlete or Sports should write a letter to tell a person what the Olympic Games mean".
  5. In the year 2011, "Postal service is a valuable service of the public" subject to World Post Day.
There are many postal services in different areas of the country, through which many people are used to using the postal service facilities.

It is very important for the postal officer to give a proper address to the right place for each person to move things right. It is very important for every person to get all the information about each postal service through which people get all the facilities as per their needs.

That's why every person who wants to transfer his valuable, as well as non-valuable goods, has to go to the postal services.

Every postal service has to take every possible step to find and find the necessary space to move all the goods in the second place. To give someone the necessary things for the destination, all necessary steps must be followed.

It is necessary to pay attention to every part of the activity to complete it properly. The government needs to get all the good services and facilities in the mail.

A lot of activities should be completed by many people, through which people have to maintain a proper way to increase the quality of the work better for development activities.



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