Why the Health Ministry of India can not lightly pollute polio vaccines

Why the Health Ministry of India can not lightly pollute polio vaccines

The Health Ministry has claimed that everything is in control, but the desired response should be guessed and ready for the worst.

1.5 lakh oral polio vaccine vials manufactured by Ghaziabad-based biomed company have been found to be contaminated by type 2 poliovirus. The Ministry of Health claims that they will not allow polyyahylitis to return. It seems that the Ministry of Health is in control but this confidence is not something that can leave a responsible and responsive government.

The reality is that when a vaccination virus, such as stress 2, is introduced in the population, which has been declared free from wild tension 2 virus, then there are many potential consequences, some unexpected. The best response from the global community and the government will be guessed and be prepared for the worst.

First of all, vaccination virus can change in a form that we do not prepare and it can be light or fatal. Second, on the basis of the vulnerability of the exaggerated population, the vaccination virus can spread and polioemilitis related to the vaccine can cause outbreaks or epidemics.

Oral polio vaccine (OPV) is used in countries like India, because experts believe that the virus spreads - the virus spreads - the fecano-oral pathway, which gives birth to an event called herd immunity. This means that if 85-90% of the population is vaccinated with OPV, then another 15% is preserved, even if they are not vaccinated. India benefits from Heard's immunity, it does not matter how hard anybody tries, there are pockets of population who get out of vaccination process.

India initially administered OPV tri-vaccine with the National Immunization Program as well as strains of 1,2 and 3 as part of pulse polio campaigns. The most likely probability of paralysis polio (VAPP) associated with the vaccine is type 2 stress. As long as this tension was being used, even as a vaccine, the likelihood of paralyzing polio was very low.

On September 20, 2016, the Global Commission for the Certification of Polioemilitis Elimination (GCC) concluded that after reviewing the formal documentation by member states, global poliovirus laboratory network and surveillance system, Wild PolioVirus Type 2 (WPV2) It is done. This prompted all vaccines to remove type 2 stress, from which the triangle was converted into a rival vaccine. The reason for the removal of type 2 tension from the trilant vaccine is that outbreaks related to vaccine over 90% have been documented due to Type 2 tension and 38% of vaccination associated paracetamol polio (VAPP). Due to this component

Since 2015, with the removal of all traces of type 2 tension, it was expected that the population will be less immune to this tension and hence the weakness will be more when the stress decreases. Therefore, with the introduction of injectable polio vaccine (IPV) the switch to type 2 tension removal was expected.

Heard does not work with immunosuppressive IPV because it is a killed vaccine and the immune system does not spread through the phaco-oral path. Only individuals are protected from IPv, not the community, and each person needs vaccination to preserve the entire population.

Since there is no 100% vaccination coverage in India, the presence of Type 2 vaccine poliovirus holds those people who exit vaccination at the risk of developing poliomyelitis, either mutated version of type 2 tension or worse, its mutated version. If vaccination virus has been found in children's feces, then it means that it is already out in the population.

It is not that there is no protocol for what governments should do in the example of leak or contamination. According to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), a single environmental sample should be positive for identifying polio-related cases or infected persons for wild, vaccine-related poliomyelitis, or polio virus related to vaccine or vaccine, Must be declared as a polio outbreak. This announcement should be made with 72 hours notification, especially if the area has a poor population.

With the message and mouth word on social media, parents are asked not to criticize their children, make the rounds faster and more widely with the government's response to such crisis. The delay and refusal by the government to delay the belief about vaccination is a result of long-term consequences. As a reaction to knee-jerk, the government goes to those who criticize their immunization program - is a matter of the recent arrest point of Jacob Wadakchery by the Kerala government.

Vaccination can never be top-down, dictatorship, because people always find ways to fail it if they do not believe in it. It also makes vaccination less involvement process. A government that is ready to deal with honest, quick response and personal adverse effects related to the vaccine and the results affecting the large population, there is a possibility to make the programs more effective.

Arrests can provide temporary relief to the government, but major threats are occurring at such a later date because pollution of the population will be very susceptible to polioemyitis.

There are strict guidelines for monitoring polio 2 stress by becoming a pollutant. In this example, an investigation should be conducted on how it happened. If this company is collecting criticism tension, how have they passed through the government regulatory mechanism?

India will qualify as a minimum grade 2, which means that the gap between population immunity, vulnerabilities in the vaccination system and response to the country is a major risk of infrastructure, continuity and international exposure due to major weak population groups.
If stress is detected in sewage, then it means that it can spread through the phaco-oral path. This means that two thirds of 1.5 lakh vials have been administered and one-third has been withdrawn, compared to two-thirds of vaccination, the probability of vaccination related poliomyelitis is in the larger population.

The key to successful outbreak response is a high level governmental engagement and public health emergency announcement. Government of India should announce the crisis, notify all the global partners, take necessary precautions and issue vaccination recommendations for tourists and visitors of the country, especially children.

They should also increase in surveillance and, most importantly, that the communities remain connected with regular updates and guidelines. This will certainly be more useful than denying the problem and showing that everything is in control.

(The author is a public health doctor and researcher located in Karnataka. The views expressed are the authors.)

Why the Health Ministry of India can not lightly pollute polio vaccines

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