The World Animal Day-History,About,Aims,Why all in this Blog?

The World Animal Day-History,About,Aims,Why all in this Blog?

The World Animal Day is celebrated annually for animal rights and welfare, which is celebrated on 4th October, the festival day of Francis of the Assassian Saint Assisi of animals.


The mission of World Animal Day is to increase the status of animals in order to improve the welfare standards across the world. The creation of the World Animal Day celebration unites the animal welfare movement, to make it world-class. It is deposited in a place for all animals, it is celebrated in every country in different ways despite nationality, religion, belief or political ideology. Awareness and through education we can create a world where animals are recognized as always sentient beings and full respect always paid their welfare


The World Animal Day was created by Heinrich Zimmerman. He organized the first World Animal Day in Berlin on 24 March 1925 in the Sports Palace in Berlin. More than 5000 people participated in this first program. This event was originally scheduled for October 4, which was aligned with the festival day of St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology Sant Assisi, although the venue was not available on that day. The program was taken for the first time on October 4, 1929. Initially, they were found only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. Every year, Zimmerman worked relentlessly on the promotion of World Animal Day. Finally, in May 1931, in Florence, Italy, in a Congress of International Animal Conservation Congress, his proposal to make the World Animal Day universal on October 4 was unanimously accepted and adopted as a resolution.

Sometimes it is incorrectly cited that the World Animal Day began in 1931 in the conference of ecologists at Florence, Italy, who wished to highlight the plight of endangered species.

Today, the Animal Welfare Charity, located in the UK from World Animal Day 2003, is a global program that unites leadership and sponsored animal protection movement through the Naturewatch Foundation.

The World Animal Day-History,About,Aims,Why all in this Blog

Other important days to honor animals around the world

While the World Animal Day animal may be the first celebration, it is not the only one. In 2011, non-profit "our planet." Their very "established National Animal Rights Day (NORD). National Animal Rights Day is also celebrated in many countries. Although it is celebrated on the first Sunday in June.

Apart from these two days of celebration, National Wildlife Day was founded in 2005 in memory of conservationist Steve Irwin.

According to its website this mission is: "To bring awareness with the number of endangered animals at the national level, at the same time, they should be protected and saved every year by their demise, and world class excellent animal sanctuaries and organizations They must also accept that everything they do to protect the animals of this planet and to educate the public about the protection of the masses - eat everything For the children .... carers and guardians of the future of our animals.National Wildlife Day will also encourage citizens to stand up and fight for animals who need sound, go to your local zoo and go to the right place. 

Donate wildlife rehabilitation sanctuaries and organizations that make a difference in the lives of our beloved wild animals. "

The World Animal Day

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