Helicopter Eela Box Office Collection Day 1: Kajol's Film Fails To Perform, Earns Rs. 75 Lakhs.
Helicopter Eela Box Office Collection Day 1: Kajol's Film Fails To Perform, Earns Rs. 75 Lakhs.

A family drama based on the Gujarati drama Beta Kagodo by helicopter Ella Anand Gandhi, tells the story of an infiltrating mother who investigates very hard for her son's disappointment.
The plot of the film revolves around Ella (Kajol), which is the only mother who keeps shining her son Vivan (Riddhi Sen), to ensure that her life dominates herself. He left his aspirations to playback singer due to being in the form of his son's parents, but his lack of mother nature and the lack of any other partner made him more than a helicopter parent. Disappointed, Vivah struggles to find personal space because his mother keeps rotating around him and keeps on roaming around it.

This film is about the awareness of Ella's personality and her journey of forced self-discovery. The first half focuses on Ella's dreams and hopes in the 90's and her love story are with her ex-partner, while the other half focuses on her relationship with her son. Ella's hypersensitivity is also troubling and frightening for the audience, because she stops her son's social media profile, listens to her private conversations, and goes to the extent of getting admission in her college. As a result of your constant revolutions, the relationship between Ella and Vivan becomes sour.

Helicopter Eela Box Office Collection Day 1: Kajol's Film Fails To Perform, Earns Rs. 75 Lakhs.

Helicopter Ella completely shows a mother in the films of the parents, unlike the parents' conservative and peripheral roles, where they are considered either aggressive cruel or extremely sacrificial. On this front, the film comes in the form of a very fresh experience, because Ella is opposite to orthodoxy and there are different colors for her character, where she is pleasing in one minute and moving around next.

Despite the fresh foundation of an exaggerated parenting style, the film can be described as a bad story and a disappointing conspiracy that is suffering badly. The script is scattered and very few to offer, especially in the first half when we see the story of love. Despite playing with subjects of intervals, dream scattered, obsessive parenting and self-realization, the film has long been drawn and pulled, which greatly reduces its effect. The script of Mitesh Shah and Gandhi is beyond accomplishment and tune, which has failed to raise any important attraction or appeal.

Apart from this, editing and shading are average, while the music clearly misses the mark; Ironically, there are many music sequences in the film and also Ella's tilt towards it.

Helicopter Eela Box Office Collection Day 1: Kajol's Film Fails To Perform, Earns Rs. 75 Lakhs.

This movie crosses the bounds of temptation, which revolves around the circulation of melodrama flowing and the specific Bollywood tilt for romanticism. Director Pradeep Sarkar's Vapid Treatment and Passive Execution of Materials - There are a scary start and conclusion in the film - As a result of the helicopter Ella's winding ride and chaotic landing.

Despite absurdity, inconsistency, and inconsistency, the film provides some strenuous performances by the main cast. Kajol's enthusiasm is contagious because he honestly portrays the role of a radical mother whose only purpose in life is infiltrating in the privacy of his son. Regardless of his top-acting acting style, he manages to do a decent job and to complete Sen., which influences teenage pain for impressive years. Their hot son and son equation is natural and attractive, which brings some heart-touching moments to the high-riding movie on emotions. Despite the marriages and motherhood, the concept of finding your identity again and leaving your dreams is emerging, even if the film fails to execute it properly.

Helicopter Eela Box Office Collection Day 1: Kajol's Film Fails To Perform, Earns Rs. 75 Lakhs.

Mother-son bondage, some heart-warming moments in the stories and a related topic for the South Asian people make the movie at least once in the clock.


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