Does the Whole Grain make it so Healthy?WHOLE GRAIN IS HEALTHY
Does the Whole Grain make it so Healthy? WHOLE GRAIN IS HEALTHY

Recently, it has become common knowledge that eating whole grain foods is good for our health. However, we are only disclosing why this is the case.

Whole grain selection

Drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat whole grains; The importance of these behaviors is drilled inside us.

It is quite easy to see why the first three items in the above list are; Fourth, however, has proved to be more challenging to understand.

Studies have shown a part of the benefits associated with consuming high levels of whole grains; They protect against chronic diseases and reduce the death of all the causes.

The rich diet in whole grains has also been shown to help reduce cardiovascular risk factors, help maintain the healthy weight, and much more.

Why should they take these benefits is unclear. Now, for the first time, scientists of the Eastern Finland University in Kuopio are reaching the bottom of the molecular system behind the health benefits of whole grains.

Whole grains were opened again

Principal investigator Dr. Kati Honeyev reveals why scientists started watching this: "Whole grains are one of the most healthy food. For example, we know that high intake of whole grains protects against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases Does. "

"So far, we have not understood the cellular system through which a complete grain-rich diet affects our body."

Recent studies have seen the effects of cereal-heavy diet on both rats and humans, and new findings have recently been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

After eating at high levels of whole grains for 12 weeks, researchers analyzed metabolomics; Metabolomics is the study of chemical processes associated with metabolites, which are small molecules formed during and during metabolic processes.

The researchers were particularly interested in betaine, a group of compounds in which there is a series of biological functions. Whole grains are an important source of beta compounds, and researchers had an inclination to help explain the health benefits of whole grains.

Benefits of Betaine

As expected, their analysis saw a significant increase in betan compounds after a 12-week whole grain diet; This increase in levels was measured in both rats and humans. According to Dr. Hanihinova, "This is the first time that many of these beta-compounds were celebrated in the first place in the human body."

Investigators discovered a correlation between high betaine compound levels and better glucose metabolism. Some of these compounds were heavier than others; As Dr. Hanihinova explains:

"Pipecolic acid beta, for example, is particularly interesting. After increased consumption of whole grains, increased levels of pipecolic acid betaine were associated with other foods, with lower levels of glucose levels."

In a follow-up experiment, the team tested some betaine compounds on cells in the laboratory. In particular, they were interested in 5-amino oleic acid betaine (5-AVAB), which is known for accumulating in particular active tissues such as cardiac tissue.

The findings of this part of the study can also be useful for cardiovascular disease research.

"We found that 5-AVAB reduces the use of fatty acids cardiomyocytes as a source of energy by blocking the function of a fixed cell membrane protein."

-Researcher Oli Kärkkäinen

This is interesting because some cardiac drugs have a similar effect. However, the team is alerted to avoid the conclusion before further studies in animals; As Carcucken says, "It is important to keep in mind that we have not moved beyond cell-level experiments so far."

Overall, the findings greatly increase our understanding of the mechanisms involved in the health benefits of whole grains. They also open new questions that will require answers.

Dr. Hanihinova explains, "In the future, we want to analyze the effects of these new compounds in more detail on the human body," we will also see how the micro-organisms of intestines actually contribute in the formation of these compounds... "

The negotiation involved in any metabolic route is incredibly challenging. Therefore it is likely to be some time that we have a clear picture of the effects of the organisms, systems, and diseases of betaine compounds.
Does the Whole Grain make it so Healthy? WHOLE GRAIN IS HEALTHY.



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