Big Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan enters the house as a participant with Govinda
Big Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan enters the house as a participant with Govinda
On weekends of Saturday, fans will get special treatment from Big Boss. Host Salman Khan will enter the house in the form of a competition and joining them will be his comrade Govinda. Govinda will be joining Salman for the interaction with the contestants and playing the game with them. See highlights from the show:

10:26 am IST
Deepak shouts in Chivashish and Saurabh

Deepak accused Shivshish playing incorrectly in the game. In a loud shout match, Deepak stopped the horn with Shivshish and Saurabh.

Big Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan enters the house as a participant with Govinda

10:22 am IST
Neha becomes slim

Neha Pendse was declared the 'Gunaghar' of the week. He was sent to the torture room where he became thin with green go.

10:11 am IST
Salman told Neha what he missed during the work

Salman told Neha that it happened that he declared Sami disqualified from work and even told him that he remembers how Shivshish was changing hands during the work.

10:00 am IST
Sreeshi says that Sreesanth becomes very emotional

Surabhi says that she did not like when Sreesanth said that Shivshish should go easy on the girl during the work. She did not like her sensational notes and women should be seen as equal at any work.

9:58 am IST
Salman discusses volcanism work

Salman asks the singles why they were performing well in this work and left Midway. Single says that his strategies removed him.

9:51 am IST
Salman says that the singles are playing it safe 

Salman Khan says that Neha, Sreesanth, and Karanveer were trying to avoid giving names to their colleagues and to be safe, who came to bite them back.

9:48 am IST
Salman grills to nominated persons

Salman Neha, Karanveer and Sreesanth asked why they feel they have been nominated for abolition. Rumil says that his 'Mahata' puts him in trouble for nominating himself for Kalkothri.

9:35 am IST
Govinda asked Salman to give his girlfriend's name

Salman decides not to take a name and he also decides to dodge the question. He could not answer that his two brothers, Sohail or Arbaab, are his favorites.

9:31 am IST
Salman asked Govinda to choose between Shah Rukh and him

As part of another game, Salman is asked to select between Govinda and Shahrukh between him and Shahrukh. Govinda says that Salman is better looking and who is a better actor, does not take the name when asked.

9:26 am IST
Govinda, Salman dance together

Govinda and Salman are said to recognize the song because they dance together. They think that there is a disco m Maine, this is crazy, from mai to Meena and I am a disco dancer. Salman was particularly bad at guessing the songs.

9:24 am IST
Salman asks participants to sell each other

Surabhi is asked to sell Sreesanth pressure cooker, Deepika is asked to sell the safari bomb and the lamp is said to sell Jasleen's knife and anus pumpkin.

9:21 am IST
The Romil gets the top salute

Salman asks a boy from the participants who makes everyone at the show efficient. The rum is inserted in the face of a canon and puffs the suit in his face.

9:18 am
Sreesanth and Shivhish fake fight

Govinda and Salman repeated the very difficult dialogue of Govinda to Sreesanth and Shivshish.

9:15 am
Govinda pitched his film

Govinda promotes the film Fryday with an amazing dialogue from the movie. He also meets the participants and calls them some insult that they can try the next time they come into the fight.

9:12 am IST
Somi called Surabhi drummer

Somi tells Surabhi that she is a playwright and aims to keep her target in the lightweight.

9: 09 AM IST
Targeting targets in competitive work

Sreesanth, sprinkle the soil on the cutout of Deepika and Shruthi Surabhi as they are unhappy with their attitude and meaning. Urvashi and Deepak sprinkled the paste of more positive sandal paste on them because they feel that it is straightforward.

9: 06 AM IST
Govinda joins Salman on stage

Govinda and Salman now count all the competitions that have lived in the house. They count 15 competitors.

9:05 am IST
Govinda, Salman nominates Bollywood stars

Govinda and Salman Khan believe that Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt cannot be nominated. The Big Boss emits them out to discuss enrollment.

9:00 am IST
Govinda and Salman wake up at home

Salman Khan and Govinda wake up to their song from their hit film partner They are trying to know what needs to be eaten and who has enrolled.




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