31 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month (UPDATED)
31 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month (UPDATED)

October is National Pizza Monthnational pizza month

We've put together a list of low-cost to no-cost marketing ideas for your pizzeria making the most of National Pizza Month. They include:

  1. Original pricing from when the pizzeria opened if it's a legacy pizzeria.
  2. Giveaway for 1 free pizza a month
  3. Partner with another pizzeria whosoeverever sells most pizza wins a "trophy" or something
  4. Kids eat free during the month of October!
  5. Celebrate with 3,000 pizza professionals at Pizza & Pasta Northeast on October 3-4 with 300 booths, 150 exhibiting companies and 35 seminars, workshops, demonstrations and networking events.
  6. Eating challenge Get entrants to compete for t-shirts or other swag Do a wall of fame
  7. GET ON TV! Do pizza for local news stations in the morning then do a promotion for that day
  8. Random Pizza Giveaway (store customer information and randomly give away a year of free pizza to a customer who orders during Nat'l Pizza Month)
  9. Pizza History Night (sell a dinner for $ X per person. During the event, say your patron's about the history of pizza)
  10. School Field Trips (encourage students in the field trips during the month
  11. Press Night (Invite local food writers, bloggers, etc.) for a free dinner during which you hit key talking points that differentiates your pizzeria ... ie expand on whatever it is that makes your special and unique city, whether it is sourced ingredients, gluten-free, organic, beer in your dough, etc.
  12. Invite your next big hit! Have customers submit recipes for topping combinations, etc. Winner gets the pizza named after them on your menu or free pizza for a year or a $ 500 gift card, etc.
  13. Tie in other unique October observances, like National Disability Employment Awareness Month or Halloween
  14. Offer a National Pizza Month
  15. Go to a local, regional, national or world record. Guinness World Records offers many pizza-related opportunities.
  16. Create a 31 Days of Pizza menu featuring a special pizza.
  17. Host a Guest Chef Takeover Night, where a local or regional chef creates a menu with pre-dinner dinner event tickets at $ X per person.
  18. Create games for each drawing of October. (Think small games, like guess the number of pepperonis on a pizza; guess the ingredient; answer questions related to your pizzeria; in-store scavenger hunt; photo with a specific item social contest, etc.)
  19. Crown an Ultimate Pizza Fan by inviting customers to submit on social media why they should be the winner
  20. Go big and raise money as customers to send you video submissions stating why they LOVE your pizza. Push these videos out to social media platforms - free marketing!
  21. Pick a slow night and screen a "pizza movie" in your party room if you have one. (Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts, perhaps?)
  22. Many high school sports are full swing - football, soccer, cross country, volleyball ... reach out to local varsity teams and invite them in for a team night.
  23. Challenge a pizzeria owner in another city to a duel Whoever sells most cheese pies in October gets donated to a charity and the "loser" $ 500 to said charity.
  24. Organize and sponsor a "Cops vs. Firefighters" charity softball game. October is perfect for softball games
  25. Host Encourage them to "trunk or treat" for candy inside your parking lot Give them a coupon
  26. Let's talk about your pizzeria's story
  27. Get a pizza-making workshop to let customers
  28. Take the team members on a pizza tour of your nearest large metropolitan market and share your experience with your pizzeria's social followers.
  29. Create a video to share your pizzeria's social followers on the pizzeria. Go ahead and create another video going back-to-scenes
  30. Order some custom pizza swag Get creative ideas about your customer's Hoodies, fitted comfort t-shirts, flex-fit hats, skull caps, patches, buttons, koozies, or temporary tattoos (design real tattoos if that's your audience).

National Pizza Month

In a business serving pizza, one should probably be reminded that October is the national pizza month in the United States. Although the contribution of the first pizzeria in this country can not be ignored, it was actually a returning US soldier who had fought in Italy during World War II, with whom he got hungry for the pizza home and its popularity at the top pushed off. The American love of pizza is growing and now October is the official national pizza month in North America.

It was first celebrated in the United States during 1984 (although many people wrongly claim that 1987) was named the National Pizza Month by the founder of Pizza Today magazine, Gerry Durnell on October, Those who chose that month because the first issue of their magazine began, that year was October. Darnel was a pizzeria owner in the small town of Santa Claus, Indiana, when he realized that there was no periodic or trademark publication to support his growing pizza business or industry in general. Along with the creation of a national pizza oriented magazine, along with the introduction of a national pizza month, fully completed its objectives and solved the problem.

Today, national pizzas are celebrated in most parts of the United States and in Canada as well. Although designation can be somewhat unnecessary in this country, these days in the United States can be considered pizza month almost every month. People really do not need a special month for pizza in a country where there are an estimated 63,000 pizzerias and 9 4% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. Statistics are available every year in the U.S. Approximately 45 slices of pizza are equal to consumption and show that Americans are certified by consuming 100 acres of pizza per day, or 350 slices per second.

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