Star Ma Big Boss Vote | Big Boss Telugu Vote Season 2: After the successful Big Boss season 1, Big Boss Telugu is in its second season. The Big Boss Star Ma was new to Telugu audience on television, but the audience received a very good response for their first season. The first version of Big Boss 2 was hosted by Tollywood Star Actor Junior NTR, and for the second season, Natural Star Nani changed them, because NTR is busy in its projects. There are 16 contestants inside a house involved in various activities in this program and one contestant is removed every week by the nomination process. In the Big Boss Season 2, its voting process will also be included in the previous session so that the voters can vote for the protection of their favorite participants. The show premiered on Star Ma television on June 10, 2018. See below for the results of Big Boss Telugu Season 2 winner, Big Boss 2 contestant details, Big Boss Telugu 2 Elimination Details and Big Boss 2.

Viewers can save their favorite participants by voting their votes online. Viewers need to find Google's "Star Ma Big Boss Telugu Vote" and cast their votes. For the first time in the second season of Big Boss Telugu, the common people were invited to the decorative house. Big Boss is a show where members of the house nominate the participant for the week's eviction process at the beginning of the week. The Big Boss Telugu Season 2 promises to be more entertaining and exciting than ever. Bigg Boss Telugu Votes2018, Big Boss Telugu Votes can also be used as a voting keyword in Google. The competitive list for Big Boss Telugu Season 2 and their full details are given below.

Big Boss Telugu Season 2 After entering the last week, the show's expectations are increasing.

Step by Step Process for Star Ma Big Boss Telugu Vote Season 2
There are two methods that allow viewers to vote for their favorite participants; One Big Boss is online voting and the second is by Missed Call Voting. Competitors who fail to convince viewers can end up with the show. There are two ways of voting,

How To Vote Star Ma Big Boss Telugu Online
"How to vote for Big Boss Telugu?" But there are answers toyour questions:

Search Google for "Star Maa Big Boss Vote" or "Big Boss Telugu Vote"
Nominated contestants will be displayed
Sign in to your Gmail account
Now select your favorite attendee and divide your vote according to your wishes.
Click submit to confirm your vote
You can vote up to 50 votes per Google account per day
Star Ma Big Boss Telugu Vote Contestant via Miss Call
Star Ma Big Boss Vote: In addition, missed calls can be voted with missed call numbers for each contestant. To vote for your favorite contestant in Big Boss, just give a missed call to the mobile number mentioned below. Maximum 10 calls per week are counted for one week and no subsequent calls will be considered for voting.

Once the contestant has finished, a dedicated number will be allocated for each participant. You can vote for your favorite participant by giving a missed call to the number.

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