PC update 21 hot on the heels, Pub Corp is rolling another patch. This time, the company is adding the ability to select long demand ranking systems, simplified list UI, a skin trading system, and specific maps.,, According to the patch notes, the total number of eight ranks will be from bronze to grandmaster . You can increase the level based on earned rank points - although we do not yet know how they are calculated. You should be able to earn something to try at least (or if you're dying), because the first rank can be earned in 10 temporary matches.

1..Grandmaster Flash-In-the-Pan
Many PUBG players will also be relieved to return to personal map selection. Days of selecting playlists and essentially ended on Miramar. That place will actually become deserted now.Another important in-game change is in addition to a quick selection list menu. Similar to the emotional system, PUBG Corp is presenting a "wheel" which allows players to "open the list or press the individual hotkey" item. In principle, it should provide an alternate way for the players to change their weapons quickly. However, if I am nervous, then it will probably end somewhat like the wheel of Fortune.

This wheel is a deal.
If you have a group of duplicate items in your list, PUBG Corp has also covered you here because the update is implementing a new "skin trading system". It allows players to "trade in commodities for high level people". There are some limitations for this, however: you will need 10 equal-level items and some BP to trade the skin, and you can currently only reach the rare (blue) level. It seems like PUBG Corp can increase the maximum level in the future, but for now, those mythological and epic items will be out of reach in the skin trading system.

Beauty is only skin deep.
In the end, as with the recent patches, 22 updates will deal with those weird bugs. This is the continuation of the Fix Pub campaign, which wants to smooth the game many bugs after the launch.

Personally, I am eager to see if the new ranking system can revive the interest in PUBG. The players were requesting the progress system for some time, and this facility should help at least maintain the player interest.

Update 22 is currently on test server, and if all are planned, then it is due to hit the main game in early October. It is hoped that it will be treated more than a trick.

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