YouTube gaming was probably one of the first online destinations for gaming content. In 2015, the company launched YouTube gaming to counter the growing popularity of Twitch. However, now is the time to say goodbye. In a blog post on September 18, YouTube has announced that it will close YouTube gaming by March 2019. According to the blog, YouTube felt that its standalone gaming app, though popular, still has a smaller user base compared to the main app, with 200 million people visiting the app.

And so, YouTube is killing the standalone gaming app, but adding a new gaming section within the core YouTube app - The gaming section includes features like a personalized gaming content section, depending on what you want to watch. The latest gaming video section from the top of the page, a top live game and your subscription. There will also be dedicated shelves for live streams and trending videos. Additionally, YouTube also announced that after the change in the main app from the gaming app, since the pool is now bigger, it wants to push for the small producer, and hence it will now start highlighting gaming creators There are "On the Rise" in gaming destination and trending. Every week YouTube will show a new up and gaming maker to help more fans find their content. For now, the feature 'Udaya' has been launched in the US only, but YouTube says it will continue to advance in more countries in the future.

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It has happened in the end. Probably two biggest gaming trends (two completely different decades) have come together. Fortnight-maker Epic Games is now entering the board game area, in partnership with Hasbro, the producer of Hasbro for Fornite Monopoly of the century, the most amazing mashup of the century. An article by Sun revealed that both companies are coming together to add a little bit of the classic board game featuring the Fortnight setting, which includes many notable changes to go with it. BBH, I have already given up plans to play Diwali card, I am going to get Fortnight monopoly. (This deepen friendship in this season, Jake!

Monopoly board game

Plus, there will be a major change in those properties that you expect, your regular people will now be replaced with Fortnight locations. And, instead of the hotel, you will build walls around your property. When will the Fortnight Monopoly be issued? According to the report, the makers of the game have confirmed that the board game will start from October 1, 2018. We also call some local stores to find out the availability of the game in India such as Hamley and Crossword. While crossword Noida and Delhi staff were unaware, a Hamily Noida store manager told us that we can expect board games to be available immediately after the global release.

This is the news that is now received and then another blog will be posted to remain.

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