Full time match report: ATK's new manager Steve Koppel was all smile when he talked to the first two fixtures of his new team - both at home.

Kapil told reporters on the eve of the first match, "I could not ask anything better. There is no insult to Kerala and North East United, but we will try and make a bit of a fort in our house." And Salt Lake Stadium was actually a fort for at least ATC against Kerala Blowers, who had defeated four different occasions during losing only four. But, on Saturday, the fort of Kolkata was violated .. and how!

Each of the goals of Slovenian Poplatnik and Serbia's Matej Poplatnik gave Kerala the first victory of the season in a competition, they completely dominated. The men of Kerala started taking action on the gas since the beginning, while the domestic team started retreating. The first opportunity came in the fourth minute soon after Lalruthara moved in a cross from his left wing, although there was not much amount in it.

In the 22nd minute, poplatnik had a tasty one-to-one condition to capitalize but he was left below his first touch. Kolkata's first real opportunity came through Everton Santos, after receiving a long ball outside the box, highlighted a shot rocket which missed the crossbar by a whisker. Kolkata's big moment came in the 38th minute when he got a corner and Jayesh Rane got alone in the last post, but the winger led the post-retirement efforts so far.

The first half became unusable, though Kerala made the hosts cause all kinds of trouble, especially due to the poplatan tactics that would appear almost everywhere.

The second half started on a slow note. Kerala moved ahead of ATK's inspiration moments, although neither was translated into balls ending behind the net. However, when it changed in the 76th minute Poplatnik broke the deadlock with a looping header. It started with Stojanovic, whose goal was deflected at the target and the ball fell for Poplatnik, who rotated the ball to make Kerala a worthy lead before a disappointing bhattacharj.

After about 10 minutes, Kolkata had to admit more misery, Slovis Stojanovic controlled a long ball near the box, turning his back from two Kolkata defenders and then highlighting a stunning strike which left the top left Finished in the corner

Kerala achieved three points and sent Kolkata to the bottom of the table. Koppel, who wanted to make the palace of Salt Lake Kolkata, is still the time - finally, the first game - but if he wants to end in the winning party the next time, then things have to be shaken. Although he missed the services of Kalu Uche, his team would need a lot more than the Nigerian's scoring talent.

On the other hand, Kerala has defeated its slavery-in-chief and has got a moral boost in the number table, besides the top spot, who has hurt him repeatedly. Poplatnik was torn with creative energy tonight and it would have delighted David James. India's U-17 World Cup star Dhiraj Singh also made his ISL debut for Kerala and made a firm determination after his debut. It is a time of celebration in God's own country, while atletico de kolkata players need to take pieces 
and build them the castle of Salt Lake, their manager has imagined.

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09:25 PM
all the time. Follow the full-time match report

09:25 PM
Minutes 90 + 4 - The referee flies to the final whistle. that's it for today. Let's start a win with goals from Kerala Poplatnik and Stojanovic. Kolkata, despite playing the game and losing its opening match, broke up and rarely threatened Kerala's goal.

09:21 PM
Minutes 90 - 4 minutes extra time

09:21 PM
Min 89 - Kerala's hero Matej Poplatnik was removed for the last minute. Kizito Keziron changes her

09:20 PM
Min 86 (rounded !!) - Stojanovic score second in Kerala !! Serbian box controls a long ball near the turn, turn and releases itself from two Kolkata defenders and kills it in the top left corner !! Sweet sweet strike Kolkata 0-Kerala 2

09:12 PM
Minute 78 - ATC makes a change. Kevin Lobi comes for Jay Rane

09:12 PM
Minute 76 (round !!) - Slovenian poplaton breaks deadlock with looping headers. Although there was an element of its fate. Stojanovic's attempt on the goal has been removed and behind Bhattacharj falls for it to poplatnik. ATC-0, Kerala 1.

09:07 pm
Minute 76 - Slovenian poplaton breaks deadlock with looping headers

09:06 PM
Minutes 72 - Double replacement: Al Mimony is running high on the cube for the Navyseeer

Kolkata's Lyngdoh for Balwant Singh
09:03 PM
Minutes 69 - Replacement: Kerala's CK comes to Vinith Lane.

09:00 pm
Minute 68 - Kerala gets a free-kick which floats in the mix, Jhingan goes down in the air but its effort goes up from the crossbar

08:59 PM
Minute 67 - Kerala's Rocket goes on long running races, closes it and takes it back, reaches the bayline, and tries to pass it in the box but it is cleared .

08:57 pm
Minute 65 - There is some action in the area, not in footballing conditions, although Zico and Antonio bring each other to the ground and watch the exchange

08:54 pm
Min 62 - Kerala does a good job of finishing an attack and starting one of its own. Players make some good passes together, but Poplatnik, surrounded by three Kolkata players, lets go quite a distance. The shot is low and the goal is off

08:47 PM

Minute 56 - nothing is happening in the second half.

08:43 pm
Min 48 - Kerala attack and Dongal have an opportunity from the box but their shot is less and failed to disturb Arindam

08:39 PM
Replacement for Kerala. Sahal Abdul Samad Sahas make way for Peacus

08:30 pm
Half-time report: Match is balanced at half-time. Kerala started a spectacular start, almost instantly created the possibilities. Most of these occasions came from the legs of Lalruthther, who shone with left tilt, but none of these possibilities changed. Stojanovic missed the opportunity to take the initial lead. In the 22nd minute, poplatnik had a tasty one-to-one condition to capitalize but he was left below his first touch. Kolkata's first real chance came through Everton Santos, after receiving a long ball outside the box, highlighted a rocket of a shot that remembers the crossbar by a whisker.

Saha of Kerala dances to make a place for himself outside the box and goes to the lower right corner, but Bhattacharj went to his right and shot for a corner.

But the biggest miss of ATK came in 38th minute! Calcutta got a corner and it alone reached Jaeesh Rane to find Rane but he could lead his effort beyond the closest position.

The possibilities have been quite a lot and one goal is coming soon afterwards. stay tuned.
08:19 pm
Minute 45 + 1 - This is the end of the first half. ATC 0-0 Kerala Blasters

08:18 pm
Minute 45 - A minute of extra time in the match where the prospects have begun, the best of them 6-7 minutes before.

8:13 pm
Minute 38 - Big miss for ATK! Kolkata meets the corner and it is carried out solely to find Jayesh Rane alone but his header goes before the near term. Dear dear miss

08:09 pm
Minute 36- ATK halders go out of the Kerala box by giving a beautiful one. After that he goes for a shot, but it is in the hands of endurance that makes a clean job

08:06 pm
Minute 32 - The trip dances out of the box to make room for himself and goes to the bottom right corner. It is also a difficult bouncing ball, but Bhattacharj goes to the right and shoots for a corner

08:03 pm
Minutes 29- Samadad of Kerala tried volley but their efforts were blocked

08:01 pm
Minutes 26 - Everton Santos of Kolkata gets a long ball outside the box and exposes the rocket of one shot, which remembers the crossbar by a whisker, though the path above extremely diving endurance.

07:58 PM
Minute 22 - Another great occasion for Poplatnik, which makes it a tasty looking pass to make it one-on one position but it is left below its first touch

07:53 PM
Min 20 (yellow) - the first yellow of the season. Elmaimouni Noussair which reduces the Kerala attack in midfield through illegal means

07:49 PM
Minute 15 - The first real chance for Kolkata! Manuel Lanzaraz leads a corner in which a young endurance runs but the ball hits the crossbar to get out for the goal kick

07:45 pm
Min 11 - Kerala gets the first goal of the first openers and ISL-V. It comes from a corner and is only redirected to the left post to hit the post. Arindam Bhattacharj will face relief. It is currently Kerala

07:44 pm
Minute 9 - Kerala gave another opportunity. This is Lalrthara again which sends another cross inside the box, but it does not come anywhere.

07:40 PM
Minute 7 - Kerala continues to move forward. Calcutta at Backfoot this time

07:38 pm
Minute 4 - Kerala with a great chance! Lalruthara sends a cross from the left edge and Stojanovic rises to complete the ball, it does right but misses it

07:37 pm

Minute 2 - The game starts with Kerala, which connects some good passes together. However, Jayesh Rane of ATK has gone on a maji run under the left pane but is blocked on the edge of the box

07:28 PM

Both teams are now presenting for team photographs. Complimentary Stadium with Fans

06:51 PM
Starting XI:

ATK: Arindam Bhattacharj (GK), Aborland Khongji, Garson Vieira, John Johnson, Senna Ralte, Elmaimony Nouseaire, Manuel Lanjaroot (C), Pranay Haider, Jayesh Rane, Balwant Singh, Everton Santos

Kerala Blowers: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Mohammed Rakip, Nimnja Lyik-Pesik, Messaging Zhingan (C), Lalruththara, Nikola Kkmerevik, Sahal Abdul Samad, Halicharan Narjari, Semininale Dongell, Slovis Stojanovic, Matej Poplatnik
06:46 PM
Indian U-17 World Cup hero Dhiraj made his debut in ISL for Kerala Blasters

06:44 pm

Lineups are out !!



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