Happy Navratri Quotes 2018-Wishes,Fasting,Navratri

Happy Navratri Quotes 2018-Wishes,Fasting,Navratri

1)I am here for Durga
You and your family are ready to share with you as soon as possible.
How much do you have on your life?

2)The world is adhering to the mother,
Mother of salvation is mother
The basis of our money is mother,

We all have the incarnation of protecting mother
Happy Navratri

3)Life is a day
By loving worship
Navaratri Subhash Ho ..

4)We were wandering wandering,
Sawant Mata Rani came singing,
Now every moment of value will be done
Harare now sir sad mother mother
Happy Navratri

5)Navaratri's absar par hardik subhkamnayen ..
May mother Durga highlight your life
With countless blessings of happiness
And good luck ..
Happy Navratri ..

6)Yes goddess Saro bhutu
Power money settlement
namastasyai namastasyai
namastasyai namo namah
As far as I live in Durga,
Is this the name of the new year?
Do you have laxmi
Join with saraswati
How are you?
Do you want to save your life?
I'm going to teach you the truth!
Happy Navratri

7)Maa Ambe has her heart on her devotee
I am going to apply for subtitles for NavaratrI
In the new day of service or service of worship.
Jai Mata Di!
Since these nights are full of colorful garba and dandiya dance. Enjoy this Navratri festival!
Your life can be filled with happiness on this holy festival of Navaratri.

8)Be happy and be happy because God Durga blesses us with this Navratri festival will be filled with excitement and fun. 
Happy Navaratri, a beautiful day for everyone

9)This new dream can come true in your dream
Celebrate every day with ever increasing enthusiasm and include yourself in holy activities and God will be in the coming year.
May Maata bless you on this special day of Navratri,
And this festive season may be on the money,
Yash and prosperity come to your house ...
Happy Navratri!

10)Always looking at Akon's mother,
From Kanon to Maa in Sanan,
You have always had the dust of the mother's churns,
Forever mother's son become Rahu
I am going to meet you on Navratri.

more updates to come stay tuned.

Happy Navratri Quotes 2018-Wishes,Fasting,Navratri

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