Happy Daughters-Day 1 (2)

Quoting by Hugh Jackman, "When I come home, my daughter will go to the door and make me take a big hug, and whatever happens that day, it will just melt". A father gave a very perfect feeling to his daughter. Daughters have a small angle of their parents and they always love and loves to pamper. National daughter day is on 23rd September, and parents and loved ones will put love and blessings on their beloved daughters all over the world.

Every year is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. National daughter's day is celebrated across the country, mother and father gave different gifts to her daughter and spent quality with her daughter.

Daughters and daughter-in-law play a very important role in their family. They are those who maintain the dignity, love and respect of the family. They are also honored and have more pampering than their brothers in many ways. Despite the fact that daughters are big children or small in the family, they can easily wrap the elderly around their little finger. We bring you some great quotes that you can share with your beloved daughters.

"You are seeing me to be so talented, beautiful and brilliant to be filled with so much purpose. I am just the fact that you are my daughter!"
"Sometimes when I feel very down and out, I just need to see you and it is reminded that you are my miracle. I love you, baby girl."
"If you ever need me for something, then I am just a phone away. I do not care how weak the problem is. I want you to know that I will always be here for you."
"Your love for me only gets stronger over the years, we share an inexhaustible bond that only mothers and daughters will understand. I love forever and forever."
"You will stumble, you will not have all the answers, and your heart will break, but you know what? I will stay here for you all. I love you, my dear daughter."
"Whatever I love you, not just because you are my daughter, but because your heart is a good and strong soul. I am proud, lovely doll"
"You all can grow up now, but you'll always be a little girl for me. The only difference is that now my love for you is so strong, deep and big!"
"You inspire me to become a terrible mother, even if we do not always go together, love will never run with our hearts, that is how it will be for ever."
"You will never understand that as long as you become a parent, how much love your parents can do to your daughter. I love you, dear!"
"Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, I love you."

Thank you.

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