Pub Mobile is a popular iOS and the popular Battle Royale game's Android port, which allows 100 players to fight death. The mobile version has a convenient interface which makes me more responsive than expected and shoots. Many first-time players are kicking the ass and coming to the first place to earn a prestigious "Chicken Dinner".

On Twitter, the players are surprised at their victory. One person wrote, "For the first time I played Pub and the fact is that I have won in the mobile version and it is also hardcore." Another said, "I am a god on Pub Mobile but I fuck at Fortnight." ".

This was my first game and it seemed very exciting. But oh, I do not think?

There is a hold that many players have included themselves, believe that many of the people who have to face in the initial matches are actually bots. The main pub does not have bots. The mobile version does not say that it does, but in my experience, I had to face many projected players in this game, who all played with the same red shirt and played with the same poor skills. Speaking of this theory is a article on March 16 in The Veg, which states that "[O] other versions have the presence of N main difference bots, obviously designed to help new players catch with the game As soon as you get up, the ratio of real players increases bot ... "

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Trend has reached 4gaming Tencent and PUBG Corporation to confirm that this is happening.

If PBB has bots in mobile, it means that the players of social media claiming their initial victory would have made AI enemies the best, just as Westworld hosts threw us into the battleground for entertainment . There is enough excitement on the newly earned chicken dinner that a PSA thread was installed on the Battlefield Reddit of the unknown player yesterday so that excited players could be warned that their victory might be helpful.

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I keep looking for these red shirt friends and it is related to depth.

After a constant encounter with the random players worn in red shirt, something started getting worse. At the moment, you earn new clothes through crates that leave random clothes. Many people coming in front of me were wearing the same dress. It does not matter where I was on the map, whether in Solo or Squad, I would find useless red shirts, stand at the place, and shoot completely around me. By the end of a few matches, I had anywhere between 12 to 15 murders and always used to come first or second.

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Players who feel disappointed with the possibility of potential bot-match matches should not worry too much. After about 10 rounds and some leveling, I started running into more opponents, which were almost certainly a player. The last 10 of each of these subsequent matches are nothing but human players wear a wide range of clothes, so if you have made it so far and have managed to win, then you can feel proud You can know the other players best and waste any day. However, if you are amazed at the chicken dinner in those early matches, then you may want to stop at the bragging for now.

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