FORTNITE will be down as epic games release season 6 content on all platforms. What do we still know about scheduled maintenance and updated news
FortnIte will start with Season 6 servers (Image: EPIC game)

Update one: We are now less than an hour away from the epic games that take FortNet for server maintenance.

Fortnite servers will go offline in the UK at 9 o'clock, although fans can already be booted from live games themselves.

Epic Games usually start kicking players from Fortnight, which is about 20 minutes before the scheduled downtime, which means that there is not much time left before maintenance begins.

Origin: Fortnight Season 6 begins on September 27, and a new update will be required on all platforms.

Epic Games has confirmed that fixed maintenance is happening in the morning, update 6.0 is going live later.

This new patch contains all the new content for Fortnight Season 6, but it will cost the servers for several hours offline.

The good news is that we know when this stuff will be.
Fornite Season 6 Update

The Fortnight 6 season will be available for download on tomorrow PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

It is unknown how big it can be but how things have been done in the past; We can probably hope to download a muscle.

Shapes may vary from platform to platform, but all patches will include new season 6 war pass gear.

Scheduled maintenance is expected to last for several hours

Scheduled maintenance is expected to last for several hours (Image: EPIC game)
Fly Down - How Long Will the Service Be Off?

According to the epic games, the Fortnight server will come down tomorrow.

Scheduled downtime will start in UK at 9 o'clock and this will mean that there will be no game available for joining.

It is expected to last for several hours, although the epic games have not provided an accurate roadmap.

Fans have to wait and watch because it will be a huge update that adds a lot of additional content to the game.

"Patch v6.00 is falling on 27th September! Downtime starts from 4 AM ET (0800 GMT)," Epic reads the message of games.

"Reminder, progressive outfits in Session 5 can be taken in future seasons when you unlock them in war pass!"

Patch notes will be released later and all major changes made to the game will be.

Fans should also be warned that the servers usually start kicking players about 20 minutes before the scheduled maintenance starts.

Fortnight Update 6.0 launches on September 27

FORTNITE Server Disposition

With the release of such a huge update, there is an opportunity for serious server interference.

In the past, fans of FortNite will be inclined to come back online to see all the latest news.

The problem with this is that it can generate server scale on a large scale, possibly they can be knocked offline.

The good news is that the epic games know that something like this can happen and maybe the additional server may be ready for load.

However, fans should still be ready for some wobbly gameplay if they decide to jump directly after downloading the new Fortnight update.

Initial patch notes

With the complete list of patch notes still coming, Epic Games has given fans a small taste of things expected from Update 6.0.

We already know that the PS4 CrossPlay will be part of the Fortnight Season 6, like pets and new skins.

They had recently been leaked and probably would come with their unique surprise.

According to the Fortnight Trailo Board, Epic Games is working on eliminating server and client hits on Xbox One and PC.

While using two-factor authentication the developer is also coming up with a fix for a misleading in-game message.

There is also a problem with blocking crosshairs wearing some organization.

The next major Fortnight update will also include major changes in the sound effects of the game.

You can see for yourself in 6.0 update patch notes below:

  • More contrast between the steps up / down
  • We want it to be easy to set on the fly, especially while other voices are running (guns, harvesting, etc.).
  • High-frequency audio content to improve your ability to point to the location of steps and prevent them from drowning during intense competition.
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