In the Supreme Court, the Constitution Bench of five judges on Thursday declared the verdict of Indian condemnation code (IPC) at 497, Chief Justice of India (CJI) Deepak Mishra said, "This crime should not be done."

New Delhi:

 In the Supreme Court on Thursday, the Constitution Bench of five judges has been accused of adultery under Section 497 of the Indian Code of Conduct (IPC). The Chief Justice of India (CJI), deciding on the order of Deepak Mishra. Said, "This crime should not be done." The Supreme Court has canceled the 158-year-old avatar law and said there is no crime in adultery. The court said that there is no doubt that it can be the basis of divorce, but this law affects the right to affect women's rights. The court said that the husband is not the owner of the woman and whatever dispute or discriminate against the woman's dignity, she invites the anger of the Constitution. The provision to treat disabled women is unconstitutional. The court said that this law disrespects women's desire and sexual challenge. The Chief Justice said that if a husband becomes selfish because of adultery, and if it is proved in the court then the case of suicidal tendency will continue. The court said that men are always enticing,

The Supreme Court canceled the adultery law, the Constitution Bench said: "This is not a crime.

Section 497 of the IPC, if a married person makes a connection with any other married woman, then it is a crime. But there is no crime against a married woman. The most important thing in this section is that a married woman's husband can not file a case against his wife. In this case, the complainant, the wife of the person related to a married woman, can file a complaint.

Under this law, if convicted, the culprit can be penalized for a maximum of five years. Complaints are not made in any police station but the complaint is made by the magistrate and evidence is presented to the court.

Chief Justice Deepak Mishra said that the woman has no master, husband, 10 things are justice

Were given by the central government. Argument
- The Central Government has supported Section 497 of the IPC. The central government said that the Supreme Court also said that Jarata is a threat to the marriage institute and it affects the families too.

- On behalf of the Central Government, ASG Pinky Annad had said that the law should look into the development and change in its society, not the perspective of Western society.

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